Top 5 Best 27 inch 120hz Monitors – Reviews and Buying Factors

Monitors serve as the soul of a computer. Whether you’re playing, viewing, or editing images and videos, or simply reading text on your desired websites, if you don’t have the correct Monitor, the game you’ll play or the job you perform on your system will look decreased.

Hardware marketers are aware of how the user experience varies depending on the specs and features on show, and the market is flooded with options for users. Most important features that should be considered while choosing a monitor.

What’s the difference between 4K, 1440p, 1080p, and plain HD resolutions, and what’s the difference between them? How important are response times and renewal rates? Is it necessary to have features like flicker-free, light blue mode, G-Sync, and Free Sync?

There are multiple monitors available in the market, but 27-inch monitors are the most popular among all the other categories. Excellent 27-inch gaming monitors, based on 1080p basic monitors in 4k powerhouses, may match any budget and requirement, whether you play solely on weekends or as a professional player.

Below are our suggestions for the best 27-inch gaming consoles available for purchase, based on our testing of over 80 monitors with a size of 27 inches. Check out our picks for the finest gaming displays, 1080p gaming monitors, and gaming monitors under $300.

Best 27 inch 120hz Monitors Reviews

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1. Asus Vg279 Qm Monitor – Ips Pixel Type, Fast Response Time, High Resolution

LC27G75TQSNXZA is the best 27-inch monitor with a 1440p resolution that has been properly tested. Although we only tested the 32-inch model, we expected the 27-inch to perform similarly. Because of its good display performance and high brightness, it is well suited for both dark and light spaces. It produces a very high degree of deep blacks.

From the standpoint of gameplay, it provides an incredibly smooth experience. It offers a 240Hz refresh rate and a unique reaction time, resulting in vivid visuals in fast-moving scenes.

The installation lag is quite minor, and it isn’t affected by VRR or HDR. It has a strobing lighting option for better continuous motion clarity. However, we don’t utilise it with VRR at the same time. It provides an ideal HDR gaming experience by displaying a wide spectrum of colours and being bright enough to bring out the finest, either alone or in conjunction with true cinematic HDR.

This Monitor has limited angles of view when you see it from the side just like most VA Panel monitors. On the other hand, its ergonomics are rather good, as it allows for elevation, inclination, rotation, and rotation in portrait mode, which is uncommon for a curved guard. Dual USB 3.0 connections and photo-by-image ways with photos and images are among the additional capabilities.

The VG279QM is just a fantastic monitor. Motion management, fast response time, low input lag, and black frame installation are all the 280Hz refresh rate features. Unlike other monitors on the market, the black frame installation option can be utilised in conjunction with a varied refresh rate function.

It boasts good ergonomics, a basic structure, and excellent construction quality, as do most ASUS ‘TUF designs. It’s good protection for a variety of activities, but some users may be disappointed by the low-resolution screen, which isn’t suited for office work or performing many tasks. Overall, this is a good monitor for any application. Unfortunately, the considerable input lag at 60Hz is not a good solution for console play.

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  • Outstanding response time.
  • The image is always at the right place
  • Minor Contrast
  • Lag at 60Hz

Why Should You Buy This Monitor?

The ASUS TUF Gaming VG279QM is a fantastic gaming console, and it’s one of our favourites. It features excellent motion management, resulting in smooth movement with minimum blurring.

It also has a variable refresh rate and is compatible with devices that use Free Sync or G-SYNC. When gaming at 280Hz, it has low input latency, but the input lag at 60Hz is extremely significant, making it unsuitable for console players.

2. Samsung LC27G75TQSNXZA – Backlight strobing feature, VA pixel Type

This Monitor provides an incredibly smooth gaming experience. It boasts a rapid response time and a refresh rate of 240Hz, resulting in crisp visuals in fast-moving scenes.

The installation lag is quite short, and it does not increase when HDR is turned on. This Monitor has a great strobing feature that can help with continuous motion clarity, but we don’t use it with VRR at the same time.

It provides an excellent HDR gaming experience by displaying a wide variety of colours and bright enough to bring out the best.

This Monitor has restricted viewing angles, and this feature makes the images washed out. On the other hand, its ergonomics are rather good, as it allows for elevation, inclination, rotation, and rotation in portrait mode, which is uncommon for a curved monitor.

Dual USB 3.0 connections and photo-by-image ways with photos and images are among the additional capabilities. Overall, it is likely to please regular players.This Samsung gaming monitor is a versatile monitor with excellent gaming performance that comes in two sizes: 27 and 32 inches.

It boasts a 240Hz refresh rate and a quick response time, resulting in the appearance of motion. It is compatible with NVIDIA’s G-SYNC and features Free Sync variable refresh rate (VRR) technology.

It boasts exceptional image quality, with a high contrast ratio, decent colour accuracy outside the box, and a wide colour spectrum.Unfortunately, its VA panel’s narrow viewing angles soon loses image accuracy when seen from the side.

It’s also a well-built monitor, although its 1000R harsh curve may not appeal to everyone. Picture-in-Picture / Picture-by-Picture mode and RGB light are among the additional features.

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  • Fast response time
  • Compatibility with G-SYNC and free sync
  • Large scale of comparison.
  • Amazing low latency.
  • Small viewing angles.

Why Should You Buy This Monitor? 

It’s a lot of fun to play with this Monitor. It boasts a 240Hz local refresh rate, supports Free Sync, and is NVIDIA G-SYNC certified. The response speed is excellent, with a large refresh rate and 60Hz, resulting in less blurring. Its limited viewing angles make it unsuitable for team play, but it does display deep blacks if you wish to play at night.


Check out the View Sonic Elite XG270QG if your PC has an NVIDIA graphics card and you want to get the most of it. It offers a wide viewing angle, making it a decent choice for a co-op game, but it has significantly less contrast than the Samsung Odyssey G7 LC32G75T.

VRR compatibility, 165Hz frame rate, minimal lag input, and fast response time for smooth movement are just a few of the playback features available. If you wish to play in a well-lit room, you shouldn’t have any issues with visibility because the space is light, and the display is well-managed. Unfortunately, it does not support HDR, and our unit has great colour accuracy, so you may need to make some adjustments to truly appreciate it.

You can’t go wrong with Samsung if you want the best 27-inch gaming monitor with 1440p resolution, and it has the most options. If classic G-SYNC compatibility is crucial to you and you prefer wide viewing angles, consider ViewSonic.

The ViewSonic Elite XG270QG is a stunning 27-inch 1440p overall panel that excels as a game monitor. It boasts a 144Hz native refresh rate that can easily surpass 165Hz. Because of the fast response time, there is little fading track behind the fast-moving objects, and the inputs are surprisingly low. You get a responsive sense of play.

It has G-SYNC variable refresh rate (VRR) technology, which is exclusively available through the Display Port to reduce screen ripping. On the other hand, IPS panels cannot generate deep blacks and have a darker black hue, but they do have a wider viewing angle. However, it does not support HDR or have colour accuracy outside of the box, yet it can be bright and has an excellent colour gamut that reflects a wide range of colours in SDR.

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  • Excellent response time.
  • Amazing low residue.
  • Good display management.
  • Wrong color outside the box.
  • It cannot produce deep blacks.

Why Should You Buy This Monitor? 

The ViewSonic Elite XG270QG Monitor is an excellent choice for most applications. It performs admirably as a game monitor, thanks to G-SYNC VRR compatibility, a wonderful low-lag setup, and a fast response time that allows for precise movement.

Its 27-inch, 1440p screen can open many windows at the same time while functioning and is highly light and portable. Due to the low contrast level and dark black characteristics, the IPS panel does not function well in dark surroundings, but it does provide wide viewing angles if you wish to play in a group and share your screen.

4. Best 27inch Gaming Monitor: LG 27GN950-B

It offers the best 27-inch game console with a 4k screen. Its huge, high-resolution screen provides an immersive experience, making it ideal for space games like RPGs. It features an excellent viewing angle and an IPS panel, making it ideal for co-op gaming, and it is extremely light to combat light. It is not recommended for gloomy rooms due to its low comparative level, which causes blacks to appear grey.

This Monitor has fantastic movement controlling capability with a 144 refresh rate. This means you’ll be able to see fast-moving scenes that are crisp and fluid, as well as have a responsive gaming experience.

The refresh rate can be increased to 160Hz, but only for 4k games with VESA display stream compression; 1080p, and 1440p content are not supported.

The backlight is not fully lighted, which helps to alleviate eye fatigue by reducing the repetition of movement.

It supports a wide spectrum of colours and is bright enough to bring out the highlights, even in dim lighting. This Monitor has a refresh rate of 160hz, and the negative thing is that this does not hat an HDMI connector and advanced graphic card which support compression of the display stream.

Overall, it is a fantastic 4K game monitor to consider.

It provides excellent gaming performance thanks to its fast response time, which allows for smooth movement and minimal input latency.

It offers G-SYNC compatibility and Free Sync variable refresh rate (VRR) functionality to reduce screen tear. It’s well-designed, but it lacks ergonomic features.

The IPS panel provides a wide viewing angle but at a reasonable cost of comparison.

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  • Very low input lag.
  • Free Sync support and G-SYNC compliance.
  • Amazing response time.
  • Low contrast rate.

Why Should You Buy This Monitor?

It’s a blast to play with the LG 27GN950-B. It boasts a high resolution of 160Hz and support for VRR to prevent screen ripping.

Whether you’re playing at a high refresh rate of 60Hz or not, it offers an excellent response time and low input. Unfortunately, due to its low resemblance to the dreadful black resemblance, it is not an ideal choice for playing in a dark environment.

5. Best Budget 27 Inch Gaming Monitor: Gigabyte M27Q

The Gigabyte M27Q is the greatest 27-inch gaming console in the budget category. It’s a superb gaming experience that rivals the most costly alternatives while offering exceptional value at its lowest price. Because it is composed of shiny and soft plastic, it is well-designed and should look well in both play and workplace situations.

It features a high 170Hz refresh rate and supports standard Free Sync, and G-SYNC is proven to function with NVIDIA graphics cards. However, as installed at 144Hz over HDMI, you can only get its refresh momentum through Display Port connectivity.

 It has a fast response time for any update level you’re playing, thus the movement appears to be quite smooth, and there are very few lags.

Our unit has superb colour accuracy, and the colours seem fantastic since they represent the strong colour with comprehensive coverage of the Adobe RGB colour space used in picture processing.

The panel features a BGR subpixel format, which can impair text quality depending on the software used, but the lettering appears to be crystal clear.

Furthermore, some users have experienced issues with solid colours being displayed at 90Hz and below. Apart from these small flaws, which should have little impact on the gaming experience, this is one of the best 27-inch gaming monitors available.

The Gigabyte M27Q is a 1440p gaming monitor that can be used for a wide range of tasks. It boasts a huge 27-inch screen that can be used with a variety of office screens to give an immersive gaming experience.

It boasts an incredibly low input latency, a one-of-a-kind response time, and a high level of refreshment, resulting in smooth and responsive gameplay.

The IPS panel’s broad viewing angle makes it simple to share material or play cooperative games; nevertheless, it comes at a low price, making blacks appear grey in dark spots.

This Monitor cannot rotate in portrait mode, and it is not bright enough. It’s a monitor that gives you an HDR display.

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  • Fast Response time
  • Advance refreshed rate
  • Support of VRR
  • Advance resolution and big screen
  • Gray look in dark areas

Why Should You Buy This Monitor?

The Gigabyte M27Q is a fantastic gaming laptop. It boasts a fast response time, reduced input lag, and a high refresh rate, resulting in fluid and responsive gameplay. Its huge, high-resolution screen immerses you in the experience and has wide viewing angles for easy sharing.

Unfortunately, the ergonomics are poor, making it impossible to adjust the screen to your preferences. It is also unsuitable for dark spaces because of its low contrast ratio, making blacks appear grey.

Buying Guide for Purchasing Best 27 120hz Monitors 

First of all, ask yourself that which kind of Monitor you want to buy. Fast refresh rates and low response times should be prioritised by gamers. Colour should be a priority for professionals. Everyday users have unique needs, although they frequently opt for a totally different VA panel monitor.

  • Determination. You will undoubtedly obtain a better image if the resolution is high. The display resolution indicates the number of pixels in the width and height format x of the Monitor. The minimum resolution necessary is 1920 x 1080. With QHD, though, you will get sharp photos, and with 4K, you will get sharp images.
  • Dimensions: Dimensions are also crucial. Pixel density significantly impacts monitoring quality, and 109 pixels per inch is our optimal setting (PPI). If the resolution is poor, greater awareness will result in a reduced pixel density. When viewed from a conventional desktop range, 32 inches is quite large. For under $1,000, you can have a 32-inch playback or a normal monitor with 4K resolution.
  • Refresh rate: The higher the refresh rate, the better. When your Monitor is updated with new information, every second will be measured in hertz. Images with higher significant numbers are better matched, smoother, and less damaging. Gamers usually want a display screen with a refresh rate of 75 Hz at least, plus they want minimal response time. If you don’t plan on playing, a refresh rate of 60 Hz is sufficient.
  • Response times: Faster is great, but unless you’re playing, it’s not the most important factor. Individual pixels will change from black to white or, if the GTG reaction time is short, from one shade of grey to another as a result of the response. When you watch videos consistently or play games, then a long time response time can make the motion blurred. The advanced Monitor may have a 0.5m response time.
  • Panel technology: TN IPS VA for image quality. Because of the low image quality when viewed from the side, TN monitors are fast but cheap. Although IPS displays have faster response times and greater colour reproduction than VA panels, VA monitors feature excellent brightness across all three-panel boards. You can conduct a search to learn more about the distinctions between panel kinds.
  • Consider a curved guard. Curved monitors are supposed to be eye-catching and should make your experience immersive in a vast viewing field. They may be more light when staring in specific directions (simple sources come in different directions than one). Curved monitors that are effective are typically ultra-wide and at least 30 inches tall, signifying a hefty price tag.


FAQ’S – Best 27 120hz Monitors

1. Is it worthwhile to invest in a 120Hz monitor?

Overall, if you have or plan to buy a 120Hz gaming PC or console, you should certainly get a 120Hz TV because it provides a more responsive and immersive gaming experience. Keep in mind that in order to get the most out of 120Hz, you must be able to maintain a frame rate of about 120FPS (Frames Per Second)

2. Is a display with a refresh rate of 120Hz suitable for gaming?

We believe that gamers will experience a greater benefit from moving to a high refresh rate monitor than from upgrading to 4K, as both may be extremely costly and taxing on your gear. Smoother, tear-free gaming with less input lag is possible with 120Hz or 144Hz panels.

3. Is a 27-inch monitor useful for work?

This is the way to go if you’re searching for a strong, trustworthy monitor that’s easy on the eyes and ideal for productivity. The display has a 4K resolution, so any type of entertainment will appear beautiful on it, and it’s 27 inches long.

4. Is it true that 120Hz is better for your eyes?

A greater refresh rate results in a smoother-looking, easier-on-the-eyes screen. If you want to reduce eyestrain, a refresh rate of 120 Hz is recommended.


You’ll need the correct monitor for the job if you want to have the best movie-watching, photo editing, working, or gaming experience possible. If you desire rapid and crisp pictures, a 120Hz IPS panel-type monitor is a fantastic choice.


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