Top 10 Best Monitors For Nintendo Switch – 2023 Reviews

The Nintendo Switch is the first video game console to be released in over a decade with the ability to play traditional video games and “handheld” games that you can take with you anywhere.  After successfully selling Nintendo Switch, this brand moved to compete with Play station and Xbox Series, and the lover of Nintendo Switch Wants to play Games on High-Resolution Gaming Monitors.

So, we will guide you on choosing the best gaming monitor for nintendo switch. You will also find info on how to buy a Nintendo switch monitor. Our buying guide will help you choose the right Monitor for your needs. You’ll discover what size screen you should get, what kind of screen you should call (LED or CRT), what resolution you should get, and much more. So without a further ado, let’s get started with our top pick.

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 Best Monitors for Nintendo Switch in 2023

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1: Sceptre 27 inch 240Hz 1080p Gaming Monitor

Sceptre 27 inch 240Hz 1080p Gaming Monitor AMD FreeSync Premium HDMI DisplayPort, Height Adjustable Build-in Speakers Gunmetal Black 2021 (E275B-FWD240)

Sceptre’s 27″ gaming monitor features a 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution with a 240Hz refresh rate and NVIDIA® G-SYNC™ technology for ultra-smooth gameplay. The result is a dramatically improved gaming experience, especially with an NVIDIA® GeForce GTX graphics card. The switchable VGA and HDMI ports allow you to connect your Nintendo Switch or PC, or console to this Monitor for an immersive screen gaming experience. 


  • Size: 27 inch
  • Resolution: 1920*1080p
  • Refresh Rate: 244 hz for a better gameplay experience.
  • Display Type: Led
  • Weight: 10.44 lbs

It comes with a switch that lets you adjust the colour temperature for maximum comfort and minimum eye strain. It has an ergonomic stand with tilt, swivel, and height adjustment for comfortable viewing in multiple positions. This gaming monitor is designed for hardcore gamers who demand the best image and detail with 144hz.If you are searching for a great gaming monitor for Nintendo Switch, look no further. 

It is the best gaming monitor you can get your hands on. It is best for Nintendo gamers and anyone who wants the best display possible. The Specification of Sceptre 27″ Gaming Monitor for Nintendo Switch is designed to deliver the sharpest picture possible,  a host of other features that will enhance your gaming experience. The Sceptre 27 Gaming Monitor for the Nintendo Switch system is an ultra-wide monitor with a 27-inch viewing area and a 16:9 aspect ratio.

The Sceptre 27 Gaming Monitor has a plug-and-play design that allows you to connect directly to your Switch console, play your favourite games, and watch your favourite movies with ease. 

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  • High definition display 1080p
  • Lightweight
  • Support AMD Free Sync Premium
  • Refresh Rate with 240hz

  • only Available in Black colour

2: Alienware 27 Gaming Monitor – Best Choice for Nintendo Switch Lovers

Alienware 27 Gaming Monitor - AW2721D (Latest Model) - 240Hz, 27-inch QHD, Fast IPS Monitor with VESA Display HDR 600, NVIDIA G-SYNC Ultimate Certification and IPS Nano Colour Technology, White, XW3CK

The Alienware 27 Gaming Monitor is designed to deliver superior image quality, incredible colour, and exceptional detail for the most immersive and captivating experience imaginable. The Alienware 27 gaming monitor is one of the best choices for Nintendo switches lovers at the current time, with excellent 1440p display support. Its 27-inch Monitor features an ultra-widescreen that offers a 21:9 aspect ratio for up to 16:9 display compatibility, ‎2560 x 1440 Pixels resolution, giving you the sharpest, most precise picture possible. 


  • Size:27-inch
  • Resolution:1440p
  • Weight: 13.89lbs
  • Dimension: 3.24 x 23.93 x 14.02 inches
  • Refresh Rate: 240 hertz

The stand features a tilting mechanism that allows you to adjust the screen to your exact viewing position. The comprehensive viewing angle feature ensures that the image remains crystal clear no matter where you are in the room. With its wide viewing angles, narrow borders, and ambient lighting, the Alienware 27 delivers truly cinematic viewing experiences, no matter where you are.

The sleek, slim bezel design blends perfectly into any desktop environment, while the stand features tilt, swivel, and rotate capabilities for maximum positioning flexibility. The integrated audio system features a 7.1 surround sound speaker configuration with Dolby® Digital Plus technology so that you can enjoy your games and movies with supremely realistic, on-the-edge dialogue and sound effects. 

The Alienware AW2721D 27-inch LED Monitor features a 16:9 aspect ratio to enhance viewing movies and video games. The widescreen format provides a more cinematic experience and reduces eye strain. At the same time, the high-contrast, ultra-narrow bezel offers a side-to-side screen dimension of only 14.02 inches, maximizing on-screen.

It is a brand new, unused, and unopened product. It is the same Monitor that you will receive when you purchase it. It is double-wrapped with shrink-wrap and a plastic baggie to protect it during shipping, and it is in perfect condition.

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  • Support 1440p display
  • The high refresh rate for gamers
  • Weight: 13.89lbs
  • Expensive

3: KOORUI 27 inch Gaming Monitor

KOORUI 144hz Gaming Monitor, 27 inch IPS QHD 1440p 144hz 1ms G-sync Compatible Computer Monitor, DCI-P3, Ultra-Thin Bezel, Adjustable Stand, HDMI/DP Monitors

KOORUI 27″ gaming monitor with 1080p resolution and 16:9 aspect ratio offers the most immersive viewing experience for your PC games. This large screen will let you see more of the action than a standard 17″ monitor. With a total size of 27″, it is easy to set up and use. The large screen will also let you spread out all your multitasking apps and websites without any unnecessary “screen real estate


  • Size: 27 inch
  • Weight: 18.96
  • Dimension: 21.3 x 12.68 x 1.89 inches

The KOORUI 27″ monitor features a super wide viewing angle of 170 degrees, which means you can easily view the screen and watch from almost anywhere in the room. A 1440p resolution ensures crisp and clear images, even at a distance. It comes with a refresh rate of 165Hz; you will never experience any ghosting or blurring of moving objects.

The Monitor has an ergonomic stand that allows you to adjust the screen’s height to suit your needs and comfort. There are also two USB 2.0 ports, allowing you to connect your keyboard, mouse, and other gaming accessories to your Monitor. This Monitor is perfect for Nintendo Switch, playing games, and doing many other things.

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  • Support 2k Video
  • Refresh Rate: 144hz
  • Support Sync Technology
  • Heavy to carry

4: Dragon Touch 4K Portable Monitor

Dragon Touch 4K Portable Monitor - 15.6 Inch IPS HDR Gaming Monitor 100% sRGB FreeSync with Speakers VESA Compatible for Xbox PS4 Nintendo Switch Laptop PC Phone Mac Surface

The Dragon Touch 4K Portable Monitor has everything you need, and it is the best option for Nintendo users who are looking for a lightweight monitor. Its compact size makes it perfect for use on the road or anywhere you don’t have access to a larger monitor. This unit has a built-in speaker so you can easily project your PowerPoint presentations and other audio/video content.


  • Dimensions:16.67 x 10.98 x 2.76 inches
  • Weight of Dragon Touch Portable Monitor: 1.7 pounds

It has an HDMI input, 3.5mm audio input, and three status lights that let you know when the computer is ready to use, when the computer is connected to the power source, and when the computer is ready to use. It’s perfect for Nintendo Switch fans, and it also allows you can use it outdoors your videos or play your games no matter where you are. 

This type of Monitor is designed for people who want to use it in the outdoor area because it is a lightweight Monitor.  And it supports a 4k display which makes it perfect for console gamers. And if you are a Nintendo user and need the best fhd+ display monitor, I would recommend you check Dragon Touch Portable Monitor.

Its 4k display provides you with a better gaming experience with clear and smooth gameplay quality, and it also supports touch. You can use it without the mouse.

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  • Support 4K Video & Games
  • Easy to carry
  • Display Type: LCD

5: GTEK F2740C 27-Inch Curved Frameless Gaming Monitor

GTEK F2740C 27-Inch Curved Frameless Gaming Monitor Full HD 1920 x 1080P, 1800R, VA 1ms, 240Hz, FreeSync, Speakers, DisplayPort/HDMI/Type-C, VESA

The first thing you need to know about this Monitor is its size. At 27 inches, it is one of the larger curved gaming monitors on the market today for Nintendo lovers. That said, it is still compact enough to fit on your desktop or in your entertainment centre. The curved design helps decrease eye strain problems and allows you to game for a long time without feeling eye strain or headaches. It is a frameless monitor with no bezel around the outside edge. That gives it a much cleaner modern look than a traditional monitor. It also means that there are no screws to hide or lose.


  • Size: 27 inch
  • Dimension: 24 x 1 x 17 inches
  • Weight: 12.07 pounds

This geek gaming monitor is designed for the hardcore Switch or console gamer who demands the best picture quality and performance. The GTEK F2740C also has a built-in stand, so you can position it where you want it. It allows you to instantly adjust the brightness of your Monitor to suit the current lighting conditions in the room where you are playing. 

It will prevent eye strain and keep you playing for longer. It features a 1920×1080 resolution (Full HD) with a 60Hz refresh rate. It allows you to experience true 1080p picture quality with razor-sharp clarity. Another great feature is adjusting the screen orientation from landscape to portrait. This lets you adapt the screen to any kind of viewing angle. You can also change.

The GTEK F2740C has a TN Film panel that provides vibrant, clear images with superior colour accuracy. This means that the GTEK F2740C will look great on any display and provide sharp, detailed photos. The GTEK F2740C features a built-in HDMI port, a DVI-D port, and two DisplayPort inputs. 

It is the best Monitor for gamers who like to play at the highest settings because it provides excellent image quality and a high refresh rate. This Monitor can be used as a computer monitor, TV, or both simultaneously. 

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  • Max Resolution: 1920* 1080p
  • Support 240hz Refresh Rate
  • Wide Viewing Angle
  • Adjustable Monitor Angle
  • It comes with AngleG Sync and Free Sync Technology
  • Heavy

6: LG 27GP750-B 27″ IPS Gaming Monitor – Ultra HD Resolution

LG 27GP750-B 27” Ultragear FHD (1920 x 1080) IPS Gaming Monitor w/ 1ms Response Time & 240Hz Refresh Rate, NVIDIA G-SYNC Compatible with AMD FreeSync Premium, Thin Bezel, Tilt/Height/Pivot Adjustable

The LG 27GP750-B 27″ UltraGear FHD gaming monitor has all the features you’d expect in a premium monitor. With an ultra-sharp 1920 x 1080p display, you can enjoy crisp, clear images with excellent detail and colour. The IPS screen provides wide viewing angles so you can easily watch your games or movies without disturbing those around you. With a response time of 1ms, you get super-smooth, fast-moving images and text. It has a built-in stereo microphone for voice recognition, so you can chat with your friends and teammates while you’re playing.


  • Display size: ‎27 Inches Max
  • Screen Resolution: ‎1920 x 1080 Pixels
  • Weight: 13.2 Pound

There’s even a handy headphone jack for private gaming sessions. Another thing that you should know is that this is an IPS monitor. That means you can play your games from almost anywhere in the room and still see everything. It is also synced with NVIDIA G-Sync technology which minimizes screen tearing and choppy gaming action and offers a refresh rate of 60Hz.

This Monitor is the one of best for Nintendo Switch Users, and You can play all types of Action, FPS Shooting, and Open World games on it with High Quality Resolution without any frame drop and lagging. It has a fantastic colour, and it is super sharp! The size is perfect for me. You can also work on it for hours without getting tired of looking at the screen.

The Monitor comes with all the necessary cables, including an AC power cord, a USB cable for your mouse and keyboard, and a short HDMI cable. You also get a quick-start guide that gives you simple instructions on getting the most out of this Monitor.

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  • 1080P Display WITH IPS PANEL
  • 240hz refresh rate
  • Nvidia and AMD Sync Compatible
  • Heavy to carry

7: Alienware 25 Gaming Monitor

Alienware 25 Gaming Monitor - AW2518Hf, Full HD @ Native 240 Hz, 16: 9, 1ms response time, DP, HDMI 2.0A, USB 3.0, AMD Free sync, Tilt, Swivel, Height-Adjustable

Alienware is better known for making some of the best gaming laptops on the market today. However, they also have a line of desktop monitors equally as good. The AW2518Hf is a 25-inch monitor with an ultra-wide 16:9 aspect ratio and a 1920 x 1080 resolution. It comes with a 240Hz refresh rate, a 1 Ms response time, It also has a DisplayPort and two HDMI ports .It has a big screen, a high-definition Monitor (16:9 aspect ratio) that comes with a stand so you can adjust the height and tilt of the screen to suit your viewing position. This model has a  response time, which is pretty fast. When you play games or watch videos, you won’t notice any delay. 


  • Size: Full HD With 1080p
  • Product Dimension: ‎21.88 x 10.57 x 20.56 inches
  • Weight: 13.47lbs

The viewing angles are pretty good. There’s a slight difference when you look straight ahead from the front but, it’s nothing too drastic. This Monitor is the best option for those who want to play games on their computer or for someone who just wants to view high-definition videos. The speakers that come with this Monitor are decent. They are not spectacular but they will suffice for the basic needs of most users.  It is a very affordable gaming monitor. It has everything you need to play games.

Alienware 25 Gaming Monitor This is a brand new monitor recently released by Alienware. It is an excellent choice for the severe Nintendo Switch gamer who wants a high-performance monitor that delivers razor-sharp clarity and a smooth, seamless gameplay experience.  It is one of the best gaming monitors for the Nintendo switch, you can buy it if you want to play first-person shooters on a big screen. 

The screen is an active LCD which means that it uses less electricity than a standard TV set, and it never needs to be replaced. I call it a “gaming monitor” because it has AMD-Sync technology built-in, which makes it virtually impossible to get screen tearing and stuttering when you are playing games. Since it has an IPS panel, it has vast viewing angles, so you will not have to worry about anyone in front of you getting a glimpse of your ultra-naughty actions.

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  • Support Full HD Display
  • 240HZ Refresh Rate
  • It comes with AMD Sync Technology
  • Expensive
  • Little bit bulky

8: Dell Curved Gaming Monitor 

Dell S3220DGF 32-Inch 2K QHD FreeSync Curved LED Gaming Monitor with HDR

Dell has made a name for itself as a reliable computer manufacturer, and their curved Monitor is no exception. It offers an incredibly crisp picture with deep, rich colours and an excellent contrast ratio. The viewing angles are extensive, and it has a sleek black finish that will look great in any setting. The Dell 27″ curved monitor is a welcome addition to my collection of monitors. It is one of the best options for Nintendo switches gamers who want curved design monitors. The picture quality is excellent, and it has an HDMI port which lets me connect it to my HDTV. 


  • ‎Weight: 5.76 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: ‎23.95 x 3.79 x 14.34 inches

You can do almost anything with a screen that curves. Watch TV, play video games, surf the web, etc. This is truly a must-have for every home or office and Nintendo Lover. The Monitor is straightforward to set up. You need to plug the video cable into your Nintendo switch and then connect the audio cable to the speakers. The Dell 27-inch curved monitor is a stylish addition to any desktop or home theater system. 

It has a sleek silver aluminum finish that complements almost any decor. The matte black bezel around the display makes it easy to read even in bright sunlight. The Monitor comes with a stand, a VGA cable, an audio cable, a power cable, and a user’s guide. The viewing angles are vast, and it has a sleek black finish that will look great in any setting.

This Monitor is curved, making it extremely easy to view from almost any angle. These allow you to adjust the screen so that you can see it comfortably from almost any viewing position. I would highly recommend that Monitor for anyone who wants the best picture possible and doesn’t want to spend a fortune. :

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  •  Lightweight
  • Easy to move.
  • Curved for better viewing angles
  •  Expensive

9: LG 32GN650-B Ultragear Gaming Monitor

LG 32GN650-B Ultragear Gaming Monitor 32” QHD (2560 x 1440) Display, 165Hz Refresh Rate, 1ms MBR, HDR 10, sRGB 95% Colour Gamut, AMD FreeSync – Black

If you are looking for a 32-inch gaming monitor with an excellent picture, high-resolution screen, and more colour accuracy, this is it. But it is not only perfect for games, but you can also use it to watch TV shows and movies in Full HD, and the bright display makes images and colours come alive. This particular model is the 32-inch version with a very high resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels, which will give you an excellent picture quality when watching TV or playing games.


  • Display: 1440p
  • Size: 32 inch

It also has LED backlighting and a 100Hz refresh rate to reduce blurring and motion judder when using it for fast-paced video games. The thing I love about this monitor is that it has a very slim and sleek design. It will fit perfectly into any decor, and I don’t need to worry about anyone in front of me getting a glimpse of my ultra-naughty actions.

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  • Screen Size: 32 Inch (81.28 cm)
  • Resolution: 2560 x 1440pixels
  • Response Time: 4 Ms
  • Panel Type Twisted Nematic Film (TN Film)
  • Refresh Rate 165Hz
  • Colour RGB: 95 percent
  • Expensive

10: BenQ 24 Inch 1080P Monitor

BenQ 24 Inch 1080P Monitor | 75 Hz for Gaming | Proprietary Eye-Care Tech |Adaptive Brightness for Image Quality | GL2480,Black

BenQ is one of the best 24-inch Monitors for gaming, which has an anti-glare coating to reduce eye strain. It also comes with great features like Zero Flicker technology and low blue light settings to decline visual fatigue. This Monitor has a 1920 x 1080 resolution to ensure you get the best picture possible. It is also VESA mount compatible so that it can be attached to the wall or any other type of mounting device. This Monitor has an average response time of 1 millisecond which means images are usually displayed without any ghosting effects. 


  • Weight: 9.5 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: ‎7.6 x 17.1 x 22.2 inches
  • Screen display size‎: 24 Inches
  • Screen Resolution‎: 1920 x 1080

This model is ideal for watching movies, playing games, and working on photos and videos. This monitor is VESA mount compatible, so you can easily attach it to the wall or any other type of mounting device. It comes with the following cables: VGA cable, audio cable, power cable, and user’s guide.

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  •  Fast response time for clear images
  • Great for work, movies, and games

  • The Monitor has no built-in speakers

FAQ’s – Best Monitors For Nintendo Switch

Why Should You Consider These Gaming Monitors for Nintendo Switch?

These Gaming Monitors are used as a replacement for the Nintendo Switch. You can use these monitors, which will result in a better visual experience on your gaming monitor. If you want to get the best out of your Nintendo Switch, I would highly recommend getting one of these Gaming Monitors.

How to Choose the Best Gaming Monitor for Nintendo Switch?

When choosing the best Monitor for Nintendo Switch, there are several things you need to consider. Make sure your Monitor is compatible with the Nintendo Switch. The first thing you should know about these Gaming Monitors is that they are not perfect replacements for the Nintendo Switch. Some models will work perfectly fine, but others might have resolution problems. 

Are These Monitors Any Good?

These monitors are perfect replacements for the Nintendo Switch. They will provide a much better experience than your handheld console can offer, which means you will have to spend less time trying to find out how to beat tricky levels and bosses.

What Kind of Resolutions Do They Support?

These Gaming Monitors will come with various resolutions, and they will support all Nintendo Switch games. The most common resolution is the 1080p or 1440p resolution because modern monitors support these.

Will I Be Able to Use Them as An Alternative to My Television?

Yes, you definitely can! These Gaming Monitors have glorified televisions, and they will work perfectly fine as a replacement for your television set.

Are They Easy to Use?

Yes, most Gaming Monitors are very easy to use. They have a built-in stand or VESA mounts for wall mounting purposes, which means you can easily attach your Monitor to the wall.

Are They Compatible with Nintendo Switch Games?

Yes: All of these Gaming Monitors will work perfectly fine with all Nintendo Switch games.

Can I Use Them as An Alternative to My Pc Monitor?

No, these Gaming Monitors are designed to give you a better gameplay experience than your PC monitor can offer. They cannot be used as an alternative for your PC monitor, but they can act as one.

What Do I Need for The Nintendo Switch?

You first and foremost need the Nintendo Switch.

It comes with exciting games like Zelda: Breath of The Wild, Splatoon 2, and Doom, which means that if you want a whole experience on your Nintendo Switch, then you will need a Gaming Monitor to do.

What Are the Benefits of Playing Games on A Monitor?

You will have a much easier time with your gameplay because everything is displayed on your monitor instead of your small handheld console screen. The most significant benefit of Gaming Monitors is that they can offer a much better gameplay experience than your handheld console can suggest.

There are many benefits of playing games on a Gaming Monitor. The most significant advantage is that you will have much better visibility, which means it will be easier to play for more extended periods without getting tired.

What Resolution Should I Get?

All Nintendo Switch games support 1080p or 1440p resolution, so when choosing your Monitor, get one that supports these resolutions. You can also get monitors with higher or lower resolution, but I recommend going for the maximum available.

Conclusion –  Best Monitors For Nintendo Switch

Gaming Monitors are the best option for all Nintendo Switch owners that want to get a better gameplay experience than their console can offer. 

They will provide better graphics and vastly improved visibility. If you’re still doubted in getting one, I would recommend doing some research online to see if it’s worth your money or not. I would also recommend checking out some of the best and most popular Gaming Monitors with high ratings online.

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